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  1. Photo of Martin Jern

    Martin Jern Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Emil Larsson

    Emil Larsson Director, Screenplay Producer

  3. Photo of Magnus Skog

    Magnus Skog Cast

  4. Photo of Emelie Sundelin

    Emelie Sundelin Cast

  5. Photo of Stefan Söderberg

    Stefan Söderberg Cast

  6. Photo of Rolf Jarl

    Rolf Jarl Cast

  7. Photo of Sofie Karlsson

    Sofie Karlsson Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Petersson

    Michael Petersson Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolaj Schröder

    Nicolaj Schröder Cast

  10. Photo of David Grehn

    David Grehn Cinematography

  11. Photo of Lina Linde

    Lina Linde Production Design

  12. Photo of Erik Bäfving

    Erik Bäfving Editing