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  1. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Don Winslow

    Don Winslow Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shane Salerno

    Shane Salerno Screenplay and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Blake Lively

    Blake Lively Cast

  5. Photo of Taylor Kitsch

    Taylor Kitsch Cast

  6. Photo of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cast

  7. Photo of John Travolta

    John Travolta Cast

  8. Photo of Benicio Del Toro

    Benicio Del Toro Cast

  9. Photo of Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek Cast

  10. Photo of Demián Bichir

    Demián Bichir Cast

  11. Photo of Emile Hirsch

    Emile Hirsch Cast

  12. Photo of Joel David Moore

    Joel David Moore Cast

  13. Photo of Sandra Echeverria

    Sandra Echeverria Cast

  14. Photo of Sean Stone

    Sean Stone Cast

  15. Photo of Daniel Mindel

    Daniel Mindel Cinematography

  16. Photo of Adam Peters

    Adam Peters Music

  17. Photo of Tomas Voth

    Tomas Voth Production Design

  18. Photo of Moritz Borman

    Moritz Borman Producer

  19. Photo of Eric Kopeloff

    Eric Kopeloff Producer

  20. Photo of Todd Arnow

    Todd Arnow Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Fernando Sulichin

    Fernando Sulichin Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Joe Hutshing

    Joe Hutshing Editing

  23. Photo of Stuart Levy

    Stuart Levy Editing

  24. Photo of Alex Márquez

    Alex Márquez Editing