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  1. Adam GR's rating of the film Savages

    Not a good movie but Aaron Taylor Johnson's ass won't quit.

  2. Joao Francisco Pinho's rating of the film Savages

    Continuo sem entender o estilo deste homem.

  3. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Savages

  4. Graham Ball's rating of the film Savages

    Meh... Really came across as just another pedestrian Director job for the once reliable and great Ollie Stone... The Blake Lively VO was atrocious as VOs go... Some serious predictable plot contrivances shoehorned in there... The editing software/Editor seems to have been given free reign in lots of stylish decisions... 2 stars purely for some decent OTT violence, Del Toro and Hayek...

  5. Ale/M's rating of the film Savages

  6. James Mackin's rating of the film Savages

    Meh. More boring than I thought it would be.

  7. Ethan's rating of the film Savages

    This is an interesting film from Oliver Stone, it's pretty great throughout but then the ending kills it. I expect Oliver Stone to have more balls then to go for the cop out ending but everything else leading up to it is pretty great. I probably should see the extended cut.

  8. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Savages

    Sure it's no masterpiece but it's fun all around, the plot is easy, the setting is nice, everybody looks great... the sex scenes are actually sexy! The only thing that kept me from giving it 4 stars was the ending, which was ridiculous.

  9. Maria Claudia's rating of the film Savages

    lots and lots of Tarantino in this one

  10. Patrick John's rating of the film Savages

    Despite how bad it is, it has a lot of potential for me. I was fascinated with Stone's darker themes and characters. It was poetic. But my friend commented that it was "basically Twilight." Noted also is Blake Lively's performance.

  11. Laura G.'s rating of the film Savages

  12. hankiro's rating of the film Savages

  13. Nukasvianta's rating of the film Savages

    aduh wes apik iki rekomen,

  14. barbosajoca's rating of the film Savages

  15. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Savages

    Oliver Stone did much better in other occasions. An ordinary movie with nothing new. My review:

  16. Courtney Richmond's rating of the film Savages

    why does the term "shared girlfriend" make me uncomfortable?

  17. it.rainscats's rating of the film Savages

    Savages is effortlessly trashy, and that was sort of the point, wasn't it? The three leads look gorgeous, everything is so flashy and over the top. I honestly would have put this as my favourite mindless popcorn flick in years if it wasn't for that ridiculously bad ending. What the fuck was that? Unbelievably amateur.

  18. msmichel's rating of the film Savages

    The Olivier Stone of U-turn makes a return with what should be a down and dirty picture that winds up just this side of parody of what we expect an Oliver Stone film to look like. A long long way from NBK and missing that films sense of chaos or urgency. Plotting is fine, performances fine, camerawork fine.....but nothing really sings. Going through the motions?? Reliving past glories?? One just expects more.

  19. Madri's rating of the film Savages

    I really like the idea of three people who love equally, the rest is just so-so.

  20. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Savages

    Seems interesting...though I do fear Stone slotting himself in the Tony Scott mold on this one...perhaps rather than seeking so-called A-rate talent he should have casted unknowns from around the world as Paul Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis are doing for their project "The Canyons". Would make it feel much more hyperreal in my opinion but hey, we'll just have to see...

  21. Ari's rating of the film Savages

    I watched about ten minutes and my head started exploding. I may be an occasional cinematic masochist but at some point every man needs to draw a line in the sand.

  22. Zachary W's rating of the film Savages

    That trademark tact and subtlety that Stone fans have come to know and love. (Adam, I'm looking for that 'like' here.)

  23. rado's rating of the film Savages

    Like shapeless toxic mercury, it drunkenly saunters between nightmare and bliss, rolling all extremes into a dreamy blur. Stone is not so much interested in going from A to B or analysing the good or bad of human nature and what's inbetween. Instead, he's content with things like holding shots a little longer so we can see our strange world from aside.

  24. Ulrich JARLØV's rating of the film Savages

    A welcome return to form for Oliver Stone, and his best film since his impressive 1986-1999 run. Forgotten are the movies Alexander, World Trade Center, W. , Wall Street 2. Those were made by a filmmaker who couldn't get it up anymore. Stone must've popped some viagra, ' cause Savages looks and sounds and feels like a young man's movie - sexy, stylish and a ton of fun.

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