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  1. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director

  2. Photo of Sigval Maartmann-Moe

    Sigval Maartmann-Moe Director

  3. Photo of Bjarne Bø

    Bjarne Bø Cast

  4. Photo of Kari Diesen

    Kari Diesen Cast

  5. Photo of Jack Fjeldstad

    Jack Fjeldstad Cast

  6. Photo of Sonja Heiberg

    Sonja Heiberg Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Lindgren

    Peter Lindgren Cast

  8. Photo of Ivar Svendsen

    Ivar Svendsen Cast

  9. Photo of Kirsten Sørlie

    Kirsten Sørlie Cast

  10. Photo of Einar Vaage

    Einar Vaage Cast