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  1. Photo of Ivane Perestiani

    Ivane Perestiani Director

  2. Photo of Aleqsandre Digmelovi

    Aleqsandre Digmelovi Cinematography

  3. Photo of Pavel Yesikovsky

    Pavel Yesikovsky Cast

  4. Photo of Sofia Jozeffi

    Sofia Jozeffi Cast

  5. Photo of Kador Ben-Salim

    Kador Ben-Salim Cast

  6. Photo of Svetlana Luiks

    Svetlana Luiks Cast

  7. Photo of A. Bikhova

    A. Bikhova Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Sutyrin

    Vladimir Sutyrin Cast

  9. Photo of Konstantin Ryabov

    Konstantin Ryabov Cast

  10. Photo of Lisenko

    Lisenko Cast

  11. Photo of Patvakan Barkhudaryan

    Patvakan Barkhudaryan Cast

  12. Photo of M. Mirzoian

    M. Mirzoian Cast

  13. Photo of S. Gubin-guni

    S. Gubin-guni Production Design

  14. Photo of Fiodor Push

    Fiodor Push Production Design