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  1. Photo of Michael Spierig

    Michael Spierig Director

  2. Photo of Peter Spierig

    Peter Spierig Director

  3. Photo of Josh Stolberg

    Josh Stolberg Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pete Goldfinger

    Pete Goldfinger Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Wan

    James Wan Screenplay

  6. Photo of Leigh Whannell

    Leigh Whannell Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mark Berg

    Mark Berg Producer

  8. Photo of Gregg Hoffman

    Gregg Hoffman Producer

  9. Photo of Oren Koules

    Oren Koules Producer

  10. Photo of Peter Block

    Peter Block Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Daniel J. Heffner

    Daniel J. Heffner Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Stacey Testro

    Stacey Testro Executive Producer

  13. Photo of James Wan

    James Wan Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Leigh Whannell

    Leigh Whannell Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Tobin Bell

    Tobin Bell Cast

  16. Photo of Laura Vandervoort

    Laura Vandervoort Cast

  17. Photo of Hannah Anderson

    Hannah Anderson Cast

  18. Photo of Mandela Van Peebles

    Mandela Van Peebles Cast

  19. Photo of Brittany Allen

    Brittany Allen Cast

  20. Photo of Ben Nott

    Ben Nott Cinematography

  21. Photo of Charlie Clouser

    Charlie Clouser Music

  22. Photo of Anthony Cowley

    Anthony Cowley Production Design

  23. Photo of Steven Wright

    Steven Wright Costume Design