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  1. MLSoares's rating of the film Saw

    The most phycological of the franchise, not focusing that much on torture and gore, maybe bc of the budget idk

  2. Richard Tines's rating of the film Saw

    Altho playing with a semi-interesting premise (you know, a dying man arrogates to himself the position of existential judge to those who have "wasted", or "misused" their lives) this premise really only worked for one or (being generous here) two films, before descending into blank-eyed moral/visual ugliness...ironically, watching these POS's is an unfortunately contagious waste of life and/or precious time...

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Saw

    The beginning of the torture horror genre that I really dislike that seem more interested in detailed gory scenes than story. When that is said this first movie actually has a strong story with a few surprising plot twists. The cast is also a lot better than what is normal for this kind of film, but the blood effects and gruesome scenes of torturing "death games" are hard to watch.

  4. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Saw

    1-2. A giant, unscary game that isn't particularly compelling or fun, since almost every human is just a broad caricature, and the nature of the game is torture. Since the killer doesn't have a consistent code of conduct (he'll honestly kill anyone or do anything to win), the victims aren't necessarily bad people (the cutter, for instance) and no one really grows or changes, it's a somewhat meaningless exercise.

  5. Skygazer's rating of the film Saw

  6. kartina obskura's rating of the film Saw

  7. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Saw

    Horror for the game show era: the viewer tries to solve the puzzle and contemplates what s/he would do, and I guess this explains the seven or so sequels that “Saw” has spawned. The original story is a well-crafted (if occasionally somewhat naive) and fools the viewer quite a few times, yet there isn’t that much more to it. More suspenseful than scary, entertaining yet superficial.

  8. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film Saw

  9. Sacha Raphard's rating of the film Saw

    J'ai eu la chance de ne rien me faire spoiler avant de regarder ce film. Il marche plutôt très bien ! Kudos pour la scène et la musique du piège à ours inversé.

  10. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Saw

    I never liked the "twist" at the end, but that's just me. It is still hypnotic and good story telling with believable characters. Even the twist, though I didn't like it for a number of spoilerific reasons was believable.

  11. dordairobert's rating of the film Saw

  12. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Saw

    I actually enjoyed the first one a lot. It has a strong atmosphere of dread and desperation and I thought the premise was quite smart. All downhill from here with the needless umpteen sequels....

  13. DenoResandono's rating of the film Saw

    The plot is simple. But, James Wan is a clever director. He knew how to make that simple plot more interesting. It made us wondering what happen next. Especially, the ending. It was just an ordinary ending and had a great impact to me...

  14. zohen lux's rating of the film Saw

    james wan is a sick dude haha mate

  15. Graham Ball's rating of the film Saw

    2.5 (but erring more on the side of 3), I remember when I first watched this movie and recall it being a brutal, sadistic, but sneakily clever little horror that was most certainly a bit of a kick in the backside for the unimaginative gore subgenre. I don't recall any of the sequels as fondly even though I know I've watched some of them...

  16. ceknklsn's rating of the film Saw

  17. James Mackin's rating of the film Saw

    My personal favourite horror film of all time, and my favourite of the Saw series. A fantastically interesting scenario, an interesting viewpoint on morality. Saw is a beautiful piece of cinema. And no, this isn't torture porn. They didn't have the budget for that.

  18. eariadne's rating of the film Saw

    I really didn't expect this to be so much fun! I was constanly laughing and screaming my head off... especially when jigsaw came out of that closet with the pig mask on!

  19. Yayo's rating of the film Saw

    "Until a person is faced with death, it's impossible to tell whether they have what it takes to survive."

  20. Sara Gaspar's rating of the film Saw

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  22. Jason Av's rating of the film Saw

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  24. nvmore's rating of the film Saw

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