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  1. Photo of George T. Nierenberg

    George T. Nierenberg Director

  2. Photo of DeLois Barrett Cambell

    DeLois Barrett Cambell Self

  3. Photo of Thomas A. Dorsey

    Thomas A. Dorsey Self

  4. Photo of Billie Barrett Greenbey

    Billie Barrett Greenbey Self

  5. Photo of Willie May Ford Smith

    Willie May Ford Smith Self

  6. Photo of Michael Keith Smith

    Michael Keith Smith Self

  7. Photo of Bertha Smith

    Bertha Smith Self

  8. Photo of Sallie Martin

    Sallie Martin Self

  9. Photo of Rhodessa Barrett Porter

    Rhodessa Barrett Porter Self

  10. Photo of Edward O'Neal

    Edward O'Neal Self

  11. Photo of Zella Jackson Price

    Zella Jackson Price Self

  12. Photo of Edward Lachman

    Edward Lachman Cinematography

  13. Photo of Don Lenzer

    Don Lenzer Cinematography