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  1. Jorge Sobral's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    My sense of humour must be in bad shape, because what i mainly see here is a sadistic system and a man who from the moment he puts his corn down just wants some dignity and tries an act of insurrection that fails completely in the end when only alienation can bring a smile.

  2. Kadjavsi's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

  3. soniczny's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    I found myself more and more enjoying this gem and the end brought so much into the story and this impressed me so much. I loved it.

  4. NOSFERATI's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    So well Done Every detail in it's right place!!! Wonderful acting

  5. P D Dawson's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    This is a truly beautiful film to follow Matsutmoto's Symbol, which I also thoroughly enjoyed for its invention and splendour. This film is different in tone, for its hero is a muted Samurai tasked with the job of making a young Prince smile again following the death of his mother. Takaaki Nomi puts in a sublime performance as the Samurai, and the ending is unpredictable but perfect in tone. Such a sweet little film.

  6. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Scabbard Samurai demonstrates that a movie doesn't have to be just one thing. Somehow a movie merging an episodic series of vaudeville-esque gags with an absurdist take on the samurai mythos manages to offer a meditation on mono no aware: the inevitable transience of life and the passage from the old to the young, from death to life and back again. Recommendable on a whole number of levels!

  7. Seher Andaç's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Öyle güzel ki.... Gülmek ve ağlamak diz dize, omuz omuza ve elele...!

  8. captainfez's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

  9. jyan's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    i did not see that beautiful and heartbreaking ending coming. unlike 'symbol', i think this one has a special, candid touch on its main character very soul - even though they cannot be compared, it is a nice parameter; matsumoto did something very unique here. instant favorite.

  10.'s rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    When I watched Hitoshi Matsumoto's first two movies, I was blown away and relieved to see good Japanese cinema made after 2000, which is scarce. Now this movie doesn't have that bittersweet existentialism found in his previous ones, but is packed with Japanese TV stupid humor and cheesy morality. It's not funny and it's not smart. What a letdown...

  11. Watchara Intrasombat's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    This film make me drop off tears.

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Amazingly warm, touching, and sad film, that truly gets to your heart. Even if the structure is repetitious for the most part, it manages to overcome that and get progressively tense towards the end. Truly unique mixture of silliness, comedy, sadness and despair, masterfully blended together. This film also portrays the ancient Japanese spirit and values. Great cinema.

  13. lou.'s rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    This is the one (between the three Matsumoto's movies I've seen these days) I loved most. Such a beautiful story deserves to be told this sensitively, without a nod of sentimentalism. It made me end up in tears. Kudos.

  14. Landen Celano's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Quickest way for a comedy to condemn itself is to center its premise around trying to make people laugh - which I realize isn't the ultimate point here, but the actual point takes far too long to make. Certainly not one of Matsumoto's best, but I still revere his enthusiasm!

  15. JoAnne Voightlander's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    A straightforward story that you could watch with someone who generally isn't into foreign films. When it's funny it hits the mark; when it's serious it makes you genuinely feel. Good job, Matsumoto-san.

  16. Richard Stopford's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Probably Matsumoto's straightest film - which says a lot. An interesting take on entertainment, and the public ransom of being entertaining. In the end, the comedy and sado-masochism look a lot alike. It's a homage to Japanese comedy but it's a swipe too. As usual in his movies, the end looks to turn the material into something transcendental. It didn't quite work for me. Plus he loses a star for the octopus scene.

  17. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    In comparison to “Symbol” and “Big Man Japan” this one feels like a normal movie. A traditional story in which the the main characters have to complete a mission or suffer the consequences. No outlandish creatures or weird parallel worlds, instead a tad sentimental story of personal growth. But it’s still got outlandish humour and plenty of weird stuff, so Matsumoto fans won’t be disappointed.

  18. panagiotatos's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Definitely a boring movie with flat characters and thin plot, despite a rather promising start, mimicry and direction. Its ending doesn't make up for the flaws, its 30 days - bittersweet moments are too long to work well.

  19. Sarah's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    This movie shouldn't work, but I loved it. The main character barely talks, and the story seems too slight to carry a whole movie. But it was hilarious and, in the end, strangely touching. If a punk-styled samurai comedy sounds good, watch it.

  20. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Ultimately unsatisfying. It had me with it for most of the movie. It squandered my investment of time and emotion.

  21. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Make a young Lord cry within 30 days or commit seppuku, that is the challenge for a masterless samurai in this sweet drama from director Mitoshi Matsumoto (who has become a new favourite of mine after seeing both this and Symbol). The performances are all a lot of fun, and things lead up to a wonderfully effective finale.

  22. Eduardo Chatagnier's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Amazing movie, very simple, very honest and yet powerful.

  23. Zachariah Rigby's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

  24. EdieEmm's rating of the film Scabbard Samurai

    Simple, perfect, inspired vehicle for Matsumoto's blend of refined physical comedy/wacky absurdism/charming vulnerability/empathetic existential explorations. Full of hilarious riffs on Japanese cinema/theatre classics - all perfectly executed, with the genius comedic direction of the best silents, or classic Jim Abrahams. Every single cinematic element recruited to perfect the delivery... Kind of a gem, really. 4.5

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