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  1. Photo of Rolan Bykov

    Rolan Bykov Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Vladimir Zheleznikov

    Vladimir Zheleznikov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sofiya Gubajdulina

    Sofiya Gubajdulina Music

  4. Photo of Anatoli Mukasej

    Anatoli Mukasej Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lyudmila Yelyan

    Lyudmila Yelyan Editing

  6. Photo of Yevgeni Markovich

    Yevgeni Markovich Production Design

  7. Photo of Vladimir Kurgansky

    Vladimir Kurgansky Sound

  8. Photo of Kristina Orbakayte

    Kristina Orbakayte Cast

  9. Photo of Yuri Nikulin

    Yuri Nikulin Cast

  10. Photo of Yelena Sanayeva

    Yelena Sanayeva Cast

  11. Photo of Dmitri Yegorov

    Dmitri Yegorov Cast

  12. Photo of Kseniya Filippova

    Kseniya Filippova Cast

  13. Photo of Anna Tolmachyova

    Anna Tolmachyova Cast

  14. Photo of Marina Martanova

    Marina Martanova Cast

  15. Photo of Svetlana Kryuchkova

    Svetlana Kryuchkova Cast

  16. Photo of Oleg Bykov

    Oleg Bykov Cast

  17. Photo of Konstantin Chekhovsky

    Konstantin Chekhovsky Cast

  18. Photo of Pavel Sanayev

    Pavel Sanayev Cast

  19. Photo of Mariya Artyomova

    Mariya Artyomova Cast

  20. Photo of Andrei Lomov

    Andrei Lomov Cast

  21. Photo of Nikolai Manvelov

    Nikolai Manvelov Cast

  22. Photo of Dmitri Kruzhilin

    Dmitri Kruzhilin Cast