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  1. Brennan's rating of the film Scarecrow

    I saw this years ago and really liked it, and I'm curious what I would think of it now. Has anyone seen it relatively recently?

  2. Silvia Bombardini's rating of the film Scarecrow

    who knew Pacino could be so sweet.

  3. Jamie Scott-Dyson's rating of the film Scarecrow

    Loved it. Performances so real and moving you fell like you know them. This could be it's failing but the one constant thing, Pacino and Hackman's relationship, becomes the film's meaning, where they are does not matter,it is all at the sake of their developing friendship, and illustrating the value of friendship is the films purpose. A masterpiece. 5/5

  4. Donald R. Monroe's rating of the film Scarecrow

    The only other Schatzberg film I've seen is 'Panic in Needle Park.' They are both masterfully shot, powerfully performed, and have major pacing problems. In both films, I expected them to end multiple times. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Oh and Pacino is (was) a fucking genius.

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Scarecrow

    The American dream is over for Max and Francis. They don't want to go West anymore, they are heading to the East. And it's not gold they're searching. A seminal movie of the 70's. Masterpiece.

  6. In An Expression Of The Inexpressible's rating of the film Scarecrow

    I love 70s "new hollywood" movies and this one reminded me a lot of Midnight Cowboy, but it just didn't do it for me. It is like a sequel of events rather than a narrative and just too much of the happening is made without a good basis that could make it convincing (the start of their relationship, the sudden scarecrow like turn of Max or the gap between Lions condition in the end and the ending of the flick...)

  7. Kaan.'s rating of the film Scarecrow

  8. melidafanke's rating of the film Scarecrow

    Best bromance of the history.

  9. Altero's rating of the film Scarecrow

    “Getting laid is sure good for my regularity”

  10. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Scarecrow

    Yeah I saw it about a year or two ago. It was really good.

  11. BOBBY BROWNE's rating of the film Scarecrow

    One of the most devastatingly bittersweet films I've ever seen- creating great beauty in the tragedy. Makes a great double-feature with Midnight Cowboy.

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