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  1. lbunuel's rating of the film Scarface

    Although I'm pretty far from being a DePalma fan, I am able to enjoy some of his stuff, mostly because there is some real talent in his precise decoupage. But here, with Oliver Stone's typically over-the-top writing and a terribly kitsch structure that never accepts its farcical nature, everything is simply unbearable. This is one of the most annoying - and overrated - films I've ever seen.

  2. MisterColo93's rating of the film Scarface

  3. Eliza Lupu's rating of the film Scarface

    " You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend! "

  4. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Scarface

    Due to its scant runtime, 1932 ran into a lot of trouble in its pacing: cramming so many events into itself that it did it un-seamlessly. 1983 is nearly 80 minutes longer, therefore its crime-story epicism of a kingpin's rise and fall is actually developed; its dramatic and emotional beats are more pronounced. 1983 is still largely uber-dark melodramatic storytelling, but it's much more engaging than 1932.

  5. Zac Weber's rating of the film Scarface

    I'm partially annoyed by the way respect, pussy, and cocaine seem to circle back into every conversation in the film, but perhaps someone in Tony's position would come to definite success in that way. The Miami aesthetic is incomparable. To me the standout is the cinematography. I love the uncut sequences that reinforce the building tension (i.e. Tony walking from his car up to the apartment to make the deal).

  6. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Scarface

    Re-watch, very long time. This simply doesn't feel like De Palma.

  7. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Scarface

  8. Laura G.'s rating of the film Scarface

    An absolutely iconic film and rightfully so. Tony, the gutter rat who had it all.

  9. uenus's rating of the film Scarface

  10. franziska's rating of the film Scarface

    um bocado boring mega macho . al pacino, ganda chato .. michelle pfeiffer, goddess on earth . 2 / 3 . epic finali

  11. Bob's rating of the film Scarface

    Highly stylized cinema piece that perfectly captures the atmosphere of sun bathed Miami of early 80s, disco scene and drug trafficking underground as an opposite to the glamorous lifestyle that latter provides. Al Pacino seems like he never fully left his role ever since. Story is shallow and banal, but overall, it offers repentance of main antihero's misanthropy and enough to secure a cult status that this film has.

  12. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Scarface

    No anti-hero hagiography here: instead a cartoonish, satiric hatchet-job on vulgarity and excess, edged in political comment (typical of Stone). By not hedging it’s bets from the outset this rises above similar studies in organised crime - Scorsese take note - into a glorious opera of squalidly grand gestures and posturing machismo, revealing the pathetic man beneath the glitter - this is no plucky immigrant story.

  13. Catarina Fernandes's rating of the film Scarface

    say goodnight to the bad guy, tony fucking montana

  14. James Mackin's rating of the film Scarface

    I enjoyed the incest stuff, as well as finally getting every GTA: Vice City reference to this film. But it's not my favourite De Palma film.

  15. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Scarface

    Al Pacino delivers a memorable role that easily could have gone totally over-the-top and become comedic but instead he feels dangerous and believable. The movie itself had an ensemble that at the time consisted of mostly unknown actors who delivered excellent work that made them famous and the story holds up well today even if some scenes scream of sensationalism.

  16. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Scarface

    Rewatch. Opinion is the same: If I'm supposed to take this seriously as a dramatic film, then the only two interesting elements here are [1] the incest taboo between Tony and Gina and [2] the character of Elvira. These two characters are the only ones who suggest an inner life, and are the closest this film gets to distinguishing itself from any other gangster film. Everyone else in this is a mindless, boring thug.

  17. Shahin Katila's rating of the film Scarface

  18. ig_____or's rating of the film Scarface

    Boy, oh boy. The film is campy, but so was Miami (and the rest of the world) in the 80s. I loved all the suits, chest-hair and static hair-do's, not to mention Tony's mansion! The only thing cooler than the soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder was Pfeiffer's bitchy attitude and fierce style. A more colourful and caliente version of "The Gothfather", "Scarface" is equally long but I doesn't take itself too seriously.

  19. Ka potem Es's rating of the film Scarface

  20. João R.'s rating of the film Scarface

    Stylish but simplistic, deep but lightweight. The original serves a greater story and categorization, anyway.

  21. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Scarface

    If this film were an object it would be a giant penis. Tony Montana is a drug lord I can get behind.

  22. Ann Burden's rating of the film Scarface

  23. Ethan's rating of the film Scarface

    It's an iconic film but kind of overrated. Although Al Pacino is pretty badass here.

  24. Blue Roses's rating of the film Scarface

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