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  1. msmichel's rating of the film Scarface

    Incredibly impressive gangster film from a script by Ben Hecht with top notch casting and solid direction from Howard Hawks and an uncredited Richard Rosson. For those only familiar with the DePalma remake this is a must see if only to see just how much of the story and dialogue made it into a remake set almost 50 years later!!! 'The world is yours' indeed.

  2. jewelsofglory's rating of the film Scarface

    I haven’t seen many pre code films but I feel this film takes its violence to its technical extremes- this is a good thing.

  3. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Scarface

    3-4. I definitely see why it might not come together for everyone, given its loose framework for its conflict (though exciting, together the assassinations that fill the movie become a tad indistinct), but a truly interesting character does emerge in the titular protagonist, and the dynamic between him and his sister becomes an intriguing mirror for his relationship with himself.

  4. Aardsy's rating of the film Scarface

  5. Balthaz21's rating of the film Scarface

  6. le Gars's rating of the film Scarface

  7. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Scarface

    It's interesting how violent this film is given it was made in the 1930s. The action scenes still pack a hard punch. This is a lean, intense Greek tragedy with great performances, despite the occasional melodrama. I can understand why some people prefer this to the De Palma remake.

  8. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Scarface

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film Scarface

    Une biographie romancée du célèbre malfrat américain Al Capone qui jeta, à l'époque, les bases typologiques de ce que l'on appela par la suite le film de gangsters. Ponctué de scènes d'anthologie, ce drame urbain reste une des réalisations les plus réussies de notre incontournable Howard Hawks...

  10. João R's rating of the film Scarface

    I have not ideia why I liked this so much but I really did.

  11. marco's rating of the film Scarface

    gangsters films you should watch

  12. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Scarface

    Not all good movies age well. “Scarface” must’ve been important movie in its age, but its naivety and hasty storytelling blunted its edges for me(not to mention the moralism required by the Code). The female characters are wonderful though, especially Tony’s sister Cesca, and the most interesting themes are developed around the brother-sister-relationship (despite the ending, about which I am not sure what to think).

  13. SpacePirate's rating of the film Scarface

    Infinitely better than the remake, this is one of the classics of the pre-code. 4.5 stars

  14. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Scarface

  15. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Scarface

    I didn't know you could do so much in 93 minutes, there's everything going on: a perfect dramatization that keeps the false-psychologizing to a minimum, a near-demonic pacing and violence that veers from the breakneck machinegun shootouts to the stasis of a greek tragedy at the very end, great acting (watch the secretary) and an economy of storytelling that wraps everything up in bits of almost self-contained events.

  16. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Scarface

    I always knew that George Raft was the coolest guy in the world, years before the word was invented. Masterpiece.

  17. Irma Vep's rating of the film Scarface

    I hadn't seen this movie in a while and was shocked at how brutal it is. It's the opposite of graphic (most of the cruellest things happen offscreen, in extreme longshot, or indirectly) but is so skilfully directed that this violence is sharper than gore could express. Paul Muni's performance is a jaw-dropping masterpiece. Tony skids through the movie an unhinged nightmare of pure id and white-hot charisma.

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  20. Greg S.'s rating of the film Scarface

    The entire film evokes the style of sensationalist crime reporting of the era and the acting is as much a part of that style as anything. The film is about the excitement of danger and irresponsibility and the use of 'the world is yours' is the most frightening implication since it implies that that same irresponsibility is to become synonymous America as a whole. Masterpiece, even with the lecture scene.

  21. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Scarface

    I like it more than the remake, though the style of acting makes me go :(

  22. bartkl's rating of the film Scarface

    Mundi, portraying the narcissist Tony superbly. carries much of the quality of this film. It's a good film overall, but it's not as special as I hoped. Nice decoration and production, a clear message and entertaining storyline, just nothing really new when compared to similar films of the time. I can imagine gangster/maffia fans could really dig this one though.

  23. Jesse Furgurson's rating of the film Scarface

    The women in this are amazing.

  24. The Future Mr. Gitts's rating of the film Scarface

    That murder in the bowling alley is so wonderfully shot.

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