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  1. Photo of Frank Hoffmann

    Frank Hoffmann Director

  2. Photo of Frank Feitler

    Frank Feitler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Kieffer

    Paul Kieffer Screenplay, Producer Director

  4. Photo of Roger Manderscheid

    Roger Manderscheid Screenplay

  5. Photo of Claude Wagner

    Claude Wagner Cast

  6. Photo of André Jung

    André Jung Cast

  7. Photo of Michele Clees

    Michele Clees Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Greisch

    Paul Greisch Cast

  9. Photo of Josiane Peiffer

    Josiane Peiffer Cast

  10. Photo of Shrin Fabeck

    Shrin Fabeck Cast

  11. Photo of Uli Eichenberger

    Uli Eichenberger Cast

  12. Photo of Myriam Muller

    Myriam Muller Cast

  13. Photo of Alain Hoffman

    Alain Hoffman Cast

  14. Photo of Steven Karier

    Steven Karier Cast

  15. Photo of Gasty Gengler

    Gasty Gengler Cast

  16. Photo of Mike Lacour

    Mike Lacour Cast

  17. Photo of Jean-Louis Sonzogni

    Jean-Louis Sonzogni Cinematography

  18. Photo of Marcel Wengler

    Marcel Wengler Music

  19. Photo of Nathalie Bosson

    Nathalie Bosson Editing