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  1. Photo of Roland Klick

    Roland Klick Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Irene Findeisen

    Irene Findeisen Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Cathy Haase

    Cathy Haase Cast

  4. Photo of Peter-Hugo Daly

    Peter-Hugo Daly Cast

  5. Photo of Tana Schanzara

    Tana Schanzara Cast

  6. Photo of Rüdiger Tuchel

    Rüdiger Tuchel Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Boileau

    Jean Boileau Cast

  8. Photo of Suresh F. Bielig

    Suresh F. Bielig Cast

  9. Photo of Birgül Topcugürler

    Birgül Topcugürler Cast

  10. Photo of Gerhard Fries

    Gerhard Fries Cast

  11. Photo of Andreas Hosang

    Andreas Hosang Cast

  12. Photo of Jako Benz

    Jako Benz Cast

  13. Photo of Stefan Staudinger

    Stefan Staudinger Cast

  14. Photo of Hassan Abdelkader

    Hassan Abdelkader Cast

  15. Photo of Ralf Holzhausen

    Ralf Holzhausen Cast

  16. Photo of Charlie Rinn

    Charlie Rinn Cast

  17. Photo of Uli Versum

    Uli Versum Cast

  18. Photo of Alay Aydin

    Alay Aydin Cast

  19. Photo of Mustafa Talman

    Mustafa Talman Cast

  20. Photo of Murat Tazegül

    Murat Tazegül Cast

  21. Photo of Ferhat Türkman

    Ferhat Türkman Cast

  22. Photo of Caliören Veysel

    Caliören Veysel Cast

  23. Photo of Piero von Arnim

    Piero von Arnim Cast

  24. Photo of Ali Yigit

    Ali Yigit Cast

  25. Photo of Henning Zick

    Henning Zick Cinematography

  26. Photo of Peter Jahn

    Peter Jahn Music

  27. Photo of Peter Viehweger

    Peter Viehweger Music

  28. Photo of Sasa Behrendt

    Sasa Behrendt Production Design

  29. Photo of Klaus Volkenborn

    Klaus Volkenborn Producer

  30. Photo of Renée Gundelach

    Renée Gundelach Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Elke Boisch

    Elke Boisch Sound

  32. Photo of André Giere

    André Giere Sound

  33. Photo of Hans-Walter Kramski

    Hans-Walter Kramski Sound

  34. Photo of Mel Kutbay

    Mel Kutbay Sound

  35. Photo of Tom Neubauer

    Tom Neubauer Sound

  36. Photo of Wolf-Ingo Römer

    Wolf-Ingo Römer Sound

  37. Photo of Evelyn Schmidt

    Evelyn Schmidt Sound