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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film School Daze

    On attendait plus de punch d'une comédie musicale signee Spike Lee, reste un film plaisant, provocateur et engagé .....

  2. Roland Nicolai Fanega's rating of the film School Daze

  3. Joel's rating of the film School Daze

    A bit more cartoonish and overtly ambitious than I had hoped but it still has strength and all the hallmarks of Spike's later works. An important peice of the cannon.

  4. saptarshi's rating of the film School Daze

    the ending is pure filmschool treatment, but has some intense and harrowing moments. has a class analysis. has an exploration of the town and gown divide. and the black nationalism conversations/cross national apartheid solidarity just a mere generation ago seem so much smarter in comparison to the dumblr identitarian anti racism of today. and the black nationalism stuff was pretty naive to begin with.

  5. Sunshine316's rating of the film School Daze

    Great movie. Reminds me a lot of what my family has shown me through the years of their black college life.

  6. Daniela's rating of the film School Daze

    Hazing never looked so cool.

  7. greg x's rating of the film School Daze

    It's somewhat unfortunate that Lee made this so early in his career as the musical numbers don't quite exhibit the fluidity of technique needed, and which Lee would soon more fully develop. Lee's ear though is already strong. A rare gift which makes his movies just as memorable for how they sound as how they look. Would that more filmmakers shared this attribute.