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  1. Photo of Walter Boos

    Walter Boos Director

  2. Photo of Ernst Hofbauer

    Ernst Hofbauer Director

  3. Photo of Günther Heller

    Günther Heller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Günther Hunold

    Günther Hunold Novel

  5. Photo of Kurt Seelmann

    Kurt Seelmann Novel

  6. Photo of Puppa Armbruster

    Puppa Armbruster Cast

  7. Photo of Ekkehardt Belle

    Ekkehardt Belle Cast

  8. Photo of Erika Blumberger

    Erika Blumberger Cast

  9. Photo of Marina Blümel

    Marina Blümel Cast

  10. Photo of Helmut Brasch

    Helmut Brasch Cast

  11. Photo of Ulrike Butz

    Ulrike Butz Cast

  12. Photo of Marisa Feldy

    Marisa Feldy Cast

  13. Photo of Willy Harlander

    Willy Harlander Cast

  14. Photo of Philippe Gasté

    Philippe Gasté Cast

  15. Photo of Cleo Kretschmer

    Cleo Kretschmer Cast

  16. Photo of Ingrid Steeger

    Ingrid Steeger Cast

  17. Photo of Rinaldo Talamonti

    Rinaldo Talamonti Cast

  18. Photo of Klaus Werner

    Klaus Werner Cinematography

  19. Photo of Peter Rothe

    Peter Rothe Production Design

  20. Photo of Wolf C. Hartwig

    Wolf C. Hartwig Producer

  21. Photo of Herbert Taschner

    Herbert Taschner Editing