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  1. Photo of Peter Luisi

    Peter Luisi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Esther Gemsch

    Esther Gemsch Cast

  3. Photo of Karim Rahoma

    Karim Rahoma Cast

  4. Photo of Komi Togbonou

    Komi Togbonou Cast

  5. Photo of Klaus Wildbolz

    Klaus Wildbolz Cast

  6. Photo of Newroz Baz

    Newroz Baz Cast

  7. Photo of Elvis Clausen

    Elvis Clausen Cast

  8. Photo of Nicolò Settegrana

    Nicolò Settegrana Cinematography

  9. Photo of Christian Schlumpf

    Christian Schlumpf Music

  10. Photo of Martin Skalský

    Martin Skalský Music

  11. Photo of Michael Duss

    Michael Duss Music

  12. Photo of Jürgen Ladenburger

    Jürgen Ladenburger Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jacques Kieffer

    Jacques Kieffer Sound

  14. Photo of Bigna Tomschin

    Bigna Tomschin Editing

  15. Photo of Patrick Zähringer

    Patrick Zähringer Editing