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  1. Photo of Carmine Gallone

    Carmine Gallone Screenplay, Director

  2. Photo of Camillo Mariani Dell'Aguillara

    Camillo Mariani Dell'Aguillara Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sebastiano A. Luciani

    Sebastiano A. Luciani Screenplay

  4. Photo of Silvio Maurano

    Silvio Maurano Screenplay

  5. Photo of Annibale Ninchi

    Annibale Ninchi Cast

  6. Photo of Camillo Pilotto

    Camillo Pilotto Cast

  7. Photo of Fosco Giachetti

    Fosco Giachetti Cast

  8. Photo of Francesca Braggiotti

    Francesca Braggiotti Cast

  9. Photo of Marcello Giorda

    Marcello Giorda Cast

  10. Photo of Guglielmo Barnabò

    Guglielmo Barnabò Cast

  11. Photo of Isa Miranda

    Isa Miranda Cast

  12. Photo of Memo Benassi

    Memo Benassi Cast

  13. Photo of Franco Coop

    Franco Coop Cast

  14. Photo of Ciro Galvani

    Ciro Galvani Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Lombardi

    Carlo Lombardi Cast

  16. Photo of Marcello Spada

    Marcello Spada Cast

  17. Photo of Piero Carnabuci

    Piero Carnabuci Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Ninchi

    Carlo Ninchi Cast

  19. Photo of Lamberto Picasso

    Lamberto Picasso Cast

  20. Photo of Diana Lante

    Diana Lante Cast

  21. Photo of Raimondo Van Riel

    Raimondo Van Riel Cast

  22. Photo of Achille Majeroni

    Achille Majeroni Cast

  23. Photo of Carlo Tamberlani

    Carlo Tamberlani Cast

  24. Photo of Gino Viotti

    Gino Viotti Cast

  25. Photo of Alberto Sordi

    Alberto Sordi Cast

  26. Photo of Frederic Curiosi

    Frederic Curiosi Producer

  27. Photo of Vittorio Mussolini

    Vittorio Mussolini Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Ildebrando Pizzetti

    Ildebrando Pizzetti Music

  29. Photo of Ubaldo Arata

    Ubaldo Arata Cinematography

  30. Photo of Anchise Brizzi

    Anchise Brizzi Cinematography

  31. Photo of Oswald Hafenrichter

    Oswald Hafenrichter Editing

  32. Photo of Pietro Aschieri

    Pietro Aschieri Production Design