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8 Ratings


Directed by Hitoshi Ohne
Japan, 2016


Shizuka Miyakonojo is a middle-aged paparazzi photographer. His skills as a cameraman is good, but he gambles and is in debt. He now works as a freelance photographer and chases after after celebrity scandals.

Scoop! Directed by Hitoshi Ohne

What are people saying?

  • Martin De Martin's rating of the film Scoop!

    One Hitoshi torna dietro alla macchina da presa dopo il successo di Bakuman e dimostra di saper confezionare alla perfezione gli elementi principali del miglior cinema popolare: una bizzarra e complementare coppia di protagonisti, un pizzico di critica sociale, tante risate e qualche inaspettata scena d'azione. Forse un po' innocuo (nonostante l'ottimo finale), ma tutto molto bello.

  • Anthony De Luca's rating of the film Scoop!

    3.2 There's something about the digital gloss of these modern flicks that takes away from the out-and-out scuzz of the characters and their surroundings. Another modern Japanese film where the lead is a nihalistic F-up who despite his dubious morals is still strangely likeable. Fumi Nikaido's adorability lifts the film from the gutter.

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