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  1. Photo of M.S. Sathyu

    M.S. Sathyu Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Abu Siwani

    Abu Siwani Producer

  3. Photo of Kaifi Azmi

    Kaifi Azmi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shama Zaidi

    Shama Zaidi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ishan Arya

    Ishan Arya Cinematography and Producer

  6. Photo of Balraj Sahni

    Balraj Sahni Cast

  7. Photo of Farooq Shaikh

    Farooq Shaikh Cast

  8. Photo of Geeta Siddharth

    Geeta Siddharth Cast

  9. Photo of A.K. Hangal

    A.K. Hangal Cast

  10. Photo of S. Chakravarty

    S. Chakravarty Editing

  11. Photo of Aziz Ahmed

    Aziz Ahmed Music

  12. Photo of Bahadur Khan

    Bahadur Khan Music

  13. Photo of Khan Warsi

    Khan Warsi Music

  14. Photo of Ismat Chughtai

    Ismat Chughtai Screenplay