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  1. Photo of Charles Frend

    Charles Frend Director

  2. Photo of Walter Meade

    Walter Meade Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ivor Montagu

    Ivor Montagu Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Mills

    John Mills Cast

  5. Photo of Diana Churchill

    Diana Churchill Cast

  6. Photo of Harold Warrender

    Harold Warrender Cast

  7. Photo of Anne Firth

    Anne Firth Cast

  8. Photo of Derek Bond

    Derek Bond Cast

  9. Photo of Reginald Beckwith

    Reginald Beckwith Cast

  10. Photo of James Robertson Justice

    James Robertson Justice Cast

  11. Photo of Kenneth More

    Kenneth More Cast

  12. Photo of Norman Williams

    Norman Williams Cast

  13. Photo of John Gregson

    John Gregson Cast

  14. Photo of James McKechnie

    James McKechnie Cast

  15. Photo of Barry Letts

    Barry Letts Cast

  16. Photo of Dennis Vance

    Dennis Vance Cast

  17. Photo of Larry Burns

    Larry Burns Cast

  18. Photo of Edward Lisak

    Edward Lisak Cast

  19. Photo of Melville Crawford

    Melville Crawford Cast

  20. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  21. Photo of John Owers

    John Owers Cast

  22. Photo of Bruce Seton

    Bruce Seton Cast

  23. Photo of Clive Morton

    Clive Morton Cast

  24. Photo of Sam Kydd

    Sam Kydd Cast

  25. Photo of Mary Merrett

    Mary Merrett Cast

  26. Photo of Percy Walsh

    Percy Walsh Cast

  27. Photo of Noel Howlett

    Noel Howlett Cast

  28. Photo of Philip Stainton

    Philip Stainton Cast

  29. Photo of Desmond Roberts

    Desmond Roberts Cast

  30. Photo of Dandy Nichols

    Dandy Nichols Cast

  31. Photo of David Liney

    David Liney Cast

  32. Photo of Osmond Borradaile

    Osmond Borradaile Cinematography

  33. Photo of Jack Cardiff

    Jack Cardiff Cinematography

  34. Photo of Geoffrey Unsworth

    Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography

  35. Photo of Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Ralph Vaughan Williams Music

  36. Photo of Raymond Anzarut

    Raymond Anzarut Production Design

  37. Photo of C.R. Foster-Kemp

    C.R. Foster-Kemp Production Design

  38. Photo of Hal Mason

    Hal Mason Production Design

  39. Photo of Michael Balcon

    Michael Balcon Producer

  40. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Producer

  41. Photo of Peter Tanner

    Peter Tanner Editing

  42. Photo of Arthur Bradburn

    Arthur Bradburn Sound

  43. Photo of Stephen

    Stephen Sound

  44. Photo of Gordon Stone Dalby

    Gordon Stone Dalby Sound

  45. Photo of Tom Otter

    Tom Otter Sound

  46. Photo of Anthony Mendleson

    Anthony Mendleson Costume Design

  47. Photo of Fred Birch

    Fred Birch Costume Design

  48. Photo of Ernie Farrer

    Ernie Farrer Costume Design