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  1. Photo of Mitch Glazer

    Mitch Glazer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael O'Donoghue

    Michael O'Donoghue Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens Novel

  4. Photo of Bill Murray

    Bill Murray Cast

  5. Photo of Karen Allen

    Karen Allen Cast

  6. Photo of Bobcat Goldthwait

    Bobcat Goldthwait Cast

  7. Photo of John Forsythe

    John Forsythe Cast

  8. Photo of Carol Kane

    Carol Kane Cast

  9. Photo of David Johansen

    David Johansen Cast

  10. Photo of Anne Ramsey

    Anne Ramsey Cast

  11. Photo of Alfre Woodard

    Alfre Woodard Cast

  12. Photo of Joel Murray

    Joel Murray Cast

  13. Photo of Lee Majors

    Lee Majors Cast

  14. Photo of John Glover

    John Glover Cast

  15. Photo of John Murray

    John Murray Cast

  16. Photo of Michael J. Pollard

    Michael J. Pollard Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Goulet

    Robert Goulet Cast

  19. Photo of Buddy Hackett

    Buddy Hackett Cast

  20. Photo of Mary Lou Retton

    Mary Lou Retton Cast

  21. Photo of Wendie Malick

    Wendie Malick Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman Cinematography

  23. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  24. Photo of Richard Donner

    Richard Donner Producer and Director

  25. Photo of Art Linson

    Art Linson Producer

  26. Photo of Ray Hartwick

    Ray Hartwick Producer

  27. Photo of Jennie Lew Tugend

    Jennie Lew Tugend Producer

  28. Photo of Peter Frankfurt

    Peter Frankfurt Producer

  29. Photo of Stephen J. Roth

    Stephen J. Roth Producer

  30. Photo of Fredric Steinkamp

    Fredric Steinkamp Editing

  31. Photo of William Steinkamp

    William Steinkamp Editing