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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Scum

    Alienating. The dramatic stakes are detached, the character's nothing more than pawns for a narrative that's nothing more than a series of vignettes without a sense of destination. The plot itself is ordinary, the directing is rather bland. It tries to show harsh prison life, but it's just half-baked, apparent even in the rape scene that isn't as horrifyingly emotional as it should be.

  2. Severus Snape's rating of the film Scum

  3. Jonathan Donald's rating of the film Scum

    Starts out a slow burn but evolves into an unrelenting spiral of increasing brutality and hopelessness. This film may crush your soul. Somehow, I still like it, but I honestly don't know why. I don't think I will ever want to watch it again.

  4. David R Williams's rating of the film Scum

    Brilliant. Brutal. And depressing.

  5. Corey's rating of the film Scum

    Woah this movie was intense. It was like the more disturbing of If... which is a pretty disturbing film itself. I think the rape scene (where the guard/teacher sees it but doesn't stop it) will be forever burned in my memory. Many parts where I had to look away.

  6. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Scum

    Would have been a 5-star film for me if there was a better ending to this narrative. Otherwise, this was a strong film with a brutal story to tell. Loved the performances by young Winstone and the rest of the kid performers. It's a bit black-and-white in terms of good and bad, but still... extremely solid.

  7. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Scum

    It's beautiful and rough, it made me cry.

  8. Rory Dunn's rating of the film Scum

    Brutal. Dreary. Truthful. Scum does what many films since have tried and failed to capture: truth within it's narrative. A brutal, destitute truth about power, authority, and the rights of men. Brought in by fantastic performances by many young actors (including a wonderfully harsh young Ray Winstone), Scum is not simply about a time and a place, but is about what, when pushed to the edge, a man must do to survive.

  9. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Scum

    Can we just throw every single cliche about mean people and innocent youth into a blender and see what comes out? An artless, cloying film....almost so bad that it's good....but it ain't good.

  10. Kamran's rating of the film Scum

    Arresting social drama with brilliant performances and blunt imagery only flawed by mild excess and exploitation. 85/100 - Excellent (4.5)

  11. Nicole's rating of the film Scum

    Ray Winstone fan for life because of this performance. He does something incredible with his tough trying to survive ways, the way he tries to hide his vulnerability is heart breaking. And when you see him trying to get through this journey of prison, and the harsh situations he finds himself in, cause anyone watching this to focus on him and him only. A must see for anyone who claims to know British cinema.

  12. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Scum

    3 and a half cruel Baaasteds

  13. Austin Morris's rating of the film Scum

  14. Ghostman's rating of the film Scum

    a brilliant brilliant and defiant film that rails against the worst evil in society. I need to see more alan clarke. And a young Ray Winstone is formidable. A horrifying and brutally realistic social drama.

  15. Bill's rating of the film Scum

    Intense, brutal portrayal not just of a wretched institution but of a harder era in general. Watching this brought back memories of my junior high in a working class suburb of Vancouver, BC in the early 1980s. Even the look and construction of the main building was similar--minus the bars, of course. Was great seeing "Jimmy" again, too. Who fans will know.

  16. Tim R.'s rating of the film Scum

    The development seems less individual than contextual or collective. While even the rape scene does not seem novel to the guards, they don't quite seem to anticipate the suicides or ensuing riot, which open a new space in the film. The treatment of race is gripping and portrays the system as consistently barbaric throughout.

  17. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Scum

    It's all around you. It's all about you. Don't tell us that we're all free. You can't escape what you can't see.

  18. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Scum

  19. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Scum

    Cinema version. Released in theatres 2 years after the BBC failed to show the initial TV version.

  20. mubianer's rating of the film Scum

    "A Prophet" is weak in comparison. Never boring. It might overshadow some of Clarke's other work, but it is without doubt one of his best.

  21. Arf's rating of the film Scum

    da vedere assolutamente

  22. Jess PJ's rating of the film Scum

    Bullying within bullying, an endless eternal hell.. I am struck

  23. Jack Rientoul's rating of the film Scum

    Brutal and at times disturbingly grim but this really helps to open your eyes about the conditions the borstal inmates went through. Good performances, good characters and very funny at times. Loved it!

  24. Aflwydd's rating of the film Scum

    If you haven't seen the shortened BBC version, you should buy the two disc set immediately! It shows a side to Carlin that is barely hinted at in the film version. It's not nearly as harrowing, but you will definitely look at the film differently after seeing the original.

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