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  1. Photo of Aurelio Grimaldi

    Aurelio Grimaldi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michele Lo Foco

    Michele Lo Foco Producer

  3. Photo of Leonardo Giuliano

    Leonardo Giuliano Producer

  4. Photo of Alberto Iannuzzi

    Alberto Iannuzzi Cinematography

  5. Photo of Roshan Seth

    Roshan Seth Cast

  6. Photo of Pino Micol

    Pino Micol Cast

  7. Photo of Gaetano Amato

    Gaetano Amato Cast

  8. Photo of Arturo Paglia

    Arturo Paglia Cast

  9. Photo of Craig Fairbrass

    Craig Fairbrass Cast

  10. Photo of Steffan Boye

    Steffan Boye Cast

  11. Photo of Guia Jelo

    Guia Jelo Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Papas

    Maria Papas Cast

  13. Photo of Edoardo Sala

    Edoardo Sala Cast

  14. Photo of Fabrizio Raggi

    Fabrizio Raggi Cast

  15. Photo of Caroline Fitzgerald

    Caroline Fitzgerald Cast

  16. Photo of Sebastiano Lo Monaco

    Sebastiano Lo Monaco Cast

  17. Photo of Giuseppe Pagano

    Giuseppe Pagano Editing

  18. Photo of Maria Soldatini

    Maria Soldatini Music

  19. Photo of Caterina Nardi

    Caterina Nardi Costume Design and Producer

  20. Photo of Mario Mazzarotto

    Mario Mazzarotto Executive Producer