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  1. Photo of Tobey Maguire

    Tobey Maguire Executive Producer and Cast

  2. Photo of Gary Barber

    Gary Barber Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Roger Birnbaum

    Roger Birnbaum Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Kathleen Kennedy

    Kathleen Kennedy Producer

  5. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Producer

  6. Photo of Jane Sindell

    Jane Sindell Producer

  7. Photo of John Schwartzman

    John Schwartzman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jeff Bridges

    Jeff Bridges Cast

  9. Photo of Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper Cast

  10. Photo of Elizabeth Banks

    Elizabeth Banks Cast

  11. Photo of William Goldenberg

    William Goldenberg Editing

  12. Photo of Jeannine Oppewall

    Jeannine Oppewall Production Design

  13. Photo of Randy Newman

    Randy Newman Music

  14. Photo of Judianna Makovsky

    Judianna Makovsky Costume Design

  15. Photo of Gary Ross

    Gary Ross Producer, Director Screenplay

  16. Photo of Michael Angarano

    Michael Angarano Cast

  17. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  18. Photo of Allison Thomas

    Allison Thomas Executive Producer

  19. Photo of David McCullough

    David McCullough Cast