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  1. Photo of Jan Curik

    Jan Curik Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Antonín Máša

    Antonín Máša Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jiřina Jirásková

    Jiřina Jirásková Cast

  4. Photo of Jiří Pleskot

    Jiří Pleskot Cast

  5. Photo of Jaromír Hanzlík

    Jaromír Hanzlík Cast

  6. Photo of Vladimír Smeral

    Vladimír Smeral Cast

  7. Photo of Jana Brejchová

    Jana Brejchová Cast

  8. Photo of Miroslav Machácek

    Miroslav Machácek Cast

  9. Photo of Nataša Gollová

    Nataša Gollová Cast

  10. Photo of Alexandra Myšková

    Alexandra Myšková Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Kačer

    Jan Kačer Cast

  12. Photo of Tatána Fischerová

    Tatána Fischerová Cast

  13. Photo of Jirí Adamíra

    Jirí Adamíra Cast

  14. Photo of Jiří Holý

    Jiří Holý Cast

  15. Photo of Ladislav Mrkvička

    Ladislav Mrkvička Cast

  16. Photo of Jiří Hrzán

    Jiří Hrzán Cast

  17. Photo of Zdenek Rehor

    Zdenek Rehor Cast

  18. Photo of Alena Bradáčová

    Alena Bradáčová Cast

  19. Photo of Helena Samohelová

    Helena Samohelová Cast

  20. Photo of Jiří Menzel

    Jiří Menzel Cast

  21. Photo of Ivan Slapeta

    Ivan Slapeta Cinematography

  22. Photo of Jan Klusák

    Jan Klusák Music

  23. Photo of Jan Oliva

    Jan Oliva Production Design

  24. Photo of Miroslav Hájek

    Miroslav Hájek Editing

  25. Photo of Jiří Kejř

    Jiří Kejř Sound