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  1. Photo of Claude Lelouch

    Claude Lelouch Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Catherine Deneuve

    Catherine Deneuve Cast

  3. Photo of Anouk Aimée

    Anouk Aimée Cast

  4. Photo of Charles Denner

    Charles Denner Cast

  5. Photo of Francis Huster

    Francis Huster Cast

  6. Photo of Colette Baudot

    Colette Baudot Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Jacques Briot

    Jean-Jacques Briot Cast

  8. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kalfon

    Jean-Pierre Kalfon Cast

  9. Photo of Valérie Lagrange

    Valérie Lagrange Cast

  10. Photo of Manuella Papatakis

    Manuella Papatakis Cast

  11. Photo of Georges Staquet

    Georges Staquet Cast

  12. Photo of Jacques Villeret

    Jacques Villeret Cast

  13. Photo of Niels Arestrup

    Niels Arestrup Cast

  14. Photo of Albina du Boisrouvray

    Albina du Boisrouvray Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Bellaiche

    Paul Bellaiche Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Caron

    Richard Caron Cast

  17. Photo of Zoé Chauveau

    Zoé Chauveau Cast

  18. Photo of Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu

    Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Deheuvels

    Paul Deheuvels Cast

  20. Photo of François Dalou

    François Dalou Cast

  21. Photo of Nicole Desailly

    Nicole Desailly Cast

  22. Photo of Marie-Pierre de Gérando

    Marie-Pierre de Gérando Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Gianoli

    Paul Gianoli Cast

  24. Photo of Martin Loeb

    Martin Loeb Cast

  25. Photo of Françoise Hardy

    Françoise Hardy Cast

  26. Photo of Jacques Lefrançois

    Jacques Lefrançois Cinematography

  27. Photo of Francis Lai

    Francis Lai Music

  28. Photo of Eric Moulard

    Eric Moulard Production Design

  29. Photo of Georges Klotz

    Georges Klotz Editing

  30. Photo of Paul Bertault

    Paul Bertault Sound