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  1. Photo of Aleksandr Rou

    Aleksandr Rou Director

  2. Photo of Vakhtang Ananyan

    Vakhtang Ananyan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maro Yerzinkyan

    Maro Yerzinkyan Screenplay

  4. Photo of A. Ovanesova

    A. Ovanesova Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gurgen Gabrielyan

    Gurgen Gabrielyan Cast

  6. Photo of Ye. Harutyunyan

    Ye. Harutyunyan Cast

  7. Photo of V. Danielyan

    V. Danielyan Cast

  8. Photo of G. Ashughyan

    G. Ashughyan Cast

  9. Photo of Tatul Dilakyan

    Tatul Dilakyan Cast

  10. Photo of Arus Asryan

    Arus Asryan Cast

  11. Photo of L. Leonidov

    L. Leonidov Cast

  12. Photo of V. Bagratuni

    V. Bagratuni Cast

  13. Photo of G. Musheghyan

    G. Musheghyan Cast

  14. Photo of Lilik Hovhannisyan

    Lilik Hovhannisyan Cast

  15. Photo of B. Kerobyan

    B. Kerobyan Cast

  16. Photo of K. Saroyan

    K. Saroyan Cast

  17. Photo of Nerses Hovhannisyan

    Nerses Hovhannisyan Cast

  18. Photo of R. Poghosyan

    R. Poghosyan Cast

  19. Photo of R. Khanzadyan

    R. Khanzadyan Cast

  20. Photo of Vladimir Feoktistov

    Vladimir Feoktistov Cast

  21. Photo of N. Melkumyan

    N. Melkumyan Cast

  22. Photo of V. Terzibashyan

    V. Terzibashyan Cast

  23. Photo of Ruben Mkrtchyan

    Ruben Mkrtchyan Cast

  24. Photo of A. Hakobyan

    A. Hakobyan Cast

  25. Photo of Khoren Abrahamyan

    Khoren Abrahamyan Cast

  26. Photo of Ivan Dildaryan

    Ivan Dildaryan Cinematography

  27. Photo of Dmitri Feldman

    Dmitri Feldman Cinematography

  28. Photo of Ashot Satyan

    Ashot Satyan Music

  29. Photo of Kseniya Blinova

    Kseniya Blinova Editing

  30. Photo of V. Haykazyan

    V. Haykazyan Editing

  31. Photo of N. Jalalyan

    N. Jalalyan Sound

  32. Photo of Valentin Podpomogov

    Valentin Podpomogov Costume Design