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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Fer Sandoval's rating of the film Secretariat

    Boring and not a single redeemable feature.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Secretariat

    A flim unsure of what it wants to be: "a feel good family film"; "an oscar bait seabiscuit knock off"'; "a female empowerment film", and winds up being just some disney hockum. Not the fault of Lane or Malkovich both whom are quite outstanding here. The film is sunk by its own cliche and terrible use of "inspirational" music. Some fine moments within the races and Lane's characters' determination. A miss.

  3. elmer_fishsticks's rating of the film Secretariat

    You heard it here first, Diane Lane is winning Best Actress in 2011.

  4. A47's rating of the film Secretariat

    Malcovich is always a gem, even if...

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Secretariat

    As my doctor says, a horse steak once a month, it's good for the heart but a movie about horses more than once a year is more than I can bear. I have never been very fond of this Hollywood subgenre that tries to transfer the We Can Do It motto in the Animal Kingdom. Recommended though for its culinary impact.

  6. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Secretariat

    It adheres to the typical model of large-budgeted Hollywood films, circumventing important issues to focus on tried-and-tested formulas of popular cinema. Maybe there is nothing inherently wrong with this film, but it supports and represents what is bad with current Hollywood filmmaking processes. Lane, Martindale and Malkovich's performance's are good, but by no means their best. Enjoyable, I guess, but problematic.

  7. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Secretariat

    While it has many flaws (including the laughter that comes when the choral music suddenly appears during the last stretch of the race) it is good entertainment even though it feels stretched to unbearable lengths.

  8. pjjrfan's rating of the film Secretariat

    It's a feel good movie and maybe not on an epic scale, but I liked it. I thought the racing scenes were terrific, and lane's depiction of a woman who knew her business as well as her male counterparts in a male dominated world was key to the story. I especially liked Malkovich's performance and the way they hilighted Secretariats competivenes and heart.

  9. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Secretariat

    The title of this film is bizarre and misleading. This isn't about Secretariat, horses, or horse racing even though some of that is present. It is a feminist piece centering on Diane Lane's character and how she fights her way through a male dominated society. Unfortunately, it is shallow, predictable, and lacks tension. I hope some day a filmmaker will direct a picture about Secretariat.

  10. D♯'s rating of the film Secretariat

    Melodrama with unnecessary Christian overtones that only stymie the message of family. During the final stretch (literally in this case) the cue of praise music seemed way out of place until I imagined Secretariat as God and the crowd as His congregation. I implore anyone that watches that scene to do so with that in mind - it shifts from melodrama to farce.

  11. ddcraver's rating of the film Secretariat

    Wonderful actors desperately laboring to prop-up what feels like a "B" script... A score that from the beginning seems better suited to an adventure film... Underwhelming cinematography - as if it might have been underfunded... I could go on, but what would be the point? I wanted to love this film... it is an epic fail!

  12. Burt's rating of the film Secretariat

    Great movie, a moving story that touches your heart. The cinematography looks amazing, I love how they used a lot of shadows in many of the shots. Diane Lane gives a strong performance and is perfect in the role of Penny. RATING = 5 stars.