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  1. Photo of G.W. Pabst

    G.W. Pabst Director

  2. Photo of Karl Abraham

    Karl Abraham Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hans Neumann

    Hans Neumann Screenplay, Producer

  4. Photo of Hanns Sachs

    Hanns Sachs Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Lach

    Robert Lach Cinematography

  6. Photo of Curt Oertel

    Curt Oertel Cinematography

  7. Photo of Guido Seeber

    Guido Seeber Cinematography

  8. Photo of Werner Krauss

    Werner Krauss Cast

  9. Photo of Ruth Weyher

    Ruth Weyher Cast

  10. Photo of Ilka GrĂ¼ning

    Ilka GrĂ¼ning Cast

  11. Photo of Jack Trevor

    Jack Trevor Cast

  12. Photo of Pavel Pavlov

    Pavel Pavlov Cast

  13. Photo of Hertha von Walther

    Hertha von Walther Cast

  14. Photo of Renate Brausewetter

    Renate Brausewetter Cast

  15. Photo of Colin Ross

    Colin Ross Cast, Screenplay