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  1. Star Lord's rating of the film Security

  2. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Security

    A pretty rote and by the numbers action vehicle that tries to do for Banderas what Taken did for Neeson and John Wick for Reeves. Banderas clearly gives his all and is too good for this movie and he deserves better. What could have been a fun Die Hard at the mall, becomes predictable and filled with tropes we have seen before. Maybe I had too high hopes for this. It's an OK time waster but nothing more.

  3. HKFanatic's rating of the film Security

    You think you're in for another boilerplate direct-to-video action movie, and then Antonio Banderas shows up utterly committed from the first scene, giving a captivating performance in an unemployment office. Some actors are just too good to phone it in, and Banderas ensures "Security" is an entertaining ride to the end. He's aided by some efficient and cleanly shot action scenes that recall a modest "John Wick."

  4. chanandre's rating of the film Security

    Yippee ki yay señores! Vete de una puta vez Ben headphones Kingsley, que pesado! Yo ya me voy, que mi mujer y hija me esperan para cenar con mis traumas. Hasta luego. Seeing Banderas twice on cinema in 6 months is oh so rare, I hope he has in store another film but this time spoken in Castellano, por favor! The guy does not age, at all! Sin duda gracias a ajobacalao, tortas de algarrobo y aceituna aloreña :P

  5. Arijan's rating of the film Security