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  1. Photo of Jean-François Pouliot

    Jean-François Pouliot Director

  2. Photo of Roger Frappier

    Roger Frappier Producer

  3. Photo of Luc Vandal

    Luc Vandal Producer

  4. Photo of Jean-Marie Benoît

    Jean-Marie Benoît Music

  5. Photo of Allen Smith

    Allen Smith Cinematography

  6. Photo of Dominique Fortin

    Dominique Fortin Editing

  7. Photo of Normand Sarazin

    Normand Sarazin Production Design

  8. Photo of Raymond Bouchard

    Raymond Bouchard Cast

  9. Photo of Dominic Michon-Dagenais

    Dominic Michon-Dagenais Cast

  10. Photo of Guy-Daniel Tremblay

    Guy-Daniel Tremblay Cast

  11. Photo of Nadia Drouin

    Nadia Drouin Cast

  12. Photo of Rita Lafontaine

    Rita Lafontaine Cast

  13. Photo of Roc LaFortune

    Roc LaFortune Cast

  14. Photo of Réal Bossé

    Réal Bossé Cast

  15. Photo of Guy Vaillancourt

    Guy Vaillancourt Cast

  16. Photo of Lucie Laurier

    Lucie Laurier Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Collet

    Pierre Collet Cast

  18. Photo of Ken Scott

    Ken Scott Cast, Screenplay

  19. Photo of Jean-Pierre Gonthier

    Jean-Pierre Gonthier Cast

  20. Photo of Benoît Brière

    Benoît Brière Cast

  21. Photo of Marc Legault

    Marc Legault Cast

  22. Photo of Caroline Girard

    Caroline Girard Cast

  23. Photo of Betty Jones

    Betty Jones Cast