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  1. Photo of Alisattar Atakisiyev

    Alisattar Atakisiyev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of A. Tarasov

    A. Tarasov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Teyyub Axundov

    Teyyub Axundov Cinematography

  4. Photo of Cabrayıl Azimov

    Cabrayıl Azimov Production Design

  5. Photo of Mammad Hüseynov

    Mammad Hüseynov Production Design

  6. Photo of Arif Malikov

    Arif Malikov Music

  7. Photo of Paşa İbrahimov

    Paşa İbrahimov Sound

  8. Photo of Tahira Babayeva

    Tahira Babayeva Editing

  9. Photo of Azar Qurbanov

    Azar Qurbanov Cast

  10. Photo of Solmaz Hatamova

    Solmaz Hatamova Cast

  11. Photo of Kolya Loginov

    Kolya Loginov Cast

  12. Photo of Yusif Şeyxov

    Yusif Şeyxov Cast

  13. Photo of Aliağa Ağayev

    Aliağa Ağayev Cast

  14. Photo of Anatoli Falkoviç

    Anatoli Falkoviç Cast

  15. Photo of Möhsün Sanani

    Möhsün Sanani Cast

  16. Photo of Agahüseyn Cavadov

    Agahüseyn Cavadov Cast

  17. Photo of İsmayıl Osmanlı

    İsmayıl Osmanlı Cast

  18. Photo of Hüseynağa Sadıqov

    Hüseynağa Sadıqov Cast

  19. Photo of Mammad Sadıqov

    Mammad Sadıqov Cast

  20. Photo of Afrasiyab Mammadov

    Afrasiyab Mammadov Cast

  21. Photo of Alakbar Hüseynzada

    Alakbar Hüseynzada Cast

  22. Photo of Mollağa Babirli

    Mollağa Babirli Cast

  23. Photo of Bahadur Aliyev

    Bahadur Aliyev Cast

  24. Photo of Lütfi Mammadbayli

    Lütfi Mammadbayli Cast

  25. Photo of Talat Rahmanov

    Talat Rahmanov Cast