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  1. Photo of Paolo Genovese

    Paolo Genovese Director

  2. Photo of Pietro Calderoni

    Pietro Calderoni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gualtiero Rosella

    Gualtiero Rosella Screenplay

  4. Photo of Raoul Bova

    Raoul Bova Cast

  5. Photo of Liz Solari

    Liz Solari Cast

  6. Photo of Pietro Sermonti

    Pietro Sermonti Cast

  7. Photo of Paolo Sassanelli

    Paolo Sassanelli Cast

  8. Photo of Sergio Rubini

    Sergio Rubini Cast

  9. Photo of Sabrina Impacciatore

    Sabrina Impacciatore Cast

  10. Photo of Nino Frassica

    Nino Frassica Cast

  11. Photo of Emilio Solfrizzi

    Emilio Solfrizzi Cast

  12. Photo of Neri Marcorè

    Neri Marcorè Cast

  13. Photo of Rolando Ravello

    Rolando Ravello Cast

  14. Photo of Dino Abbrescia

    Dino Abbrescia Cast

  15. Photo of Grazia Daddario

    Grazia Daddario Cast

  16. Photo of Fabrizio Lucci

    Fabrizio Lucci Cinematography

  17. Photo of Consuelo Catucci

    Consuelo Catucci Editing