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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film Self Made

    Apparently Shira Geffen is just as odd as her brother, musician Aviv Geffen. This absurdist film gets weirder and weirder as it goes along and by the end, makes no sense at all. But it's still good; the acting, cinematography excellent. I don't really need things to make sense, and it makes sense that things in Israel don't make sense.

  2. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Self Made

    I usually boycott movies (and most of things) from this apartheid colonialist country , but I've been attracted by the amusing idea in the trailer. Rather good film. Deserve a remake from Europa (or in the border of South/North Korea!)

  3. nein's rating of the film Self Made

    I felt like Geffen didn't really have an idea for how this story should end and so the last minutes are really confusing and unsatisfying.