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  1. Photo of Cristina Iacob

    Cristina Iacob Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria Spirache

    Maria Spirache Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alex Velea

    Alex Velea Cast

  4. Photo of Alex Caloin

    Alex Caloin Cast

  5. Photo of Florin Calinescu

    Florin Calinescu Cast

  6. Photo of Dan Chișu

    Dan Chișu Cast

  7. Photo of Alina Chivulescu

    Alina Chivulescu Cast

  8. Photo of Crina Semciuc

    Crina Semciuc Cast

  9. Photo of Răzvan Vasilescu

    Răzvan Vasilescu Cast

  10. Photo of Olimpia Melinte

    Olimpia Melinte Cast

  11. Photo of Levent Sali

    Levent Sali Cast

  12. Photo of Razvan Fodor

    Razvan Fodor Cast

  13. Photo of Vlad Logigan

    Vlad Logigan Cast

  14. Photo of Mihaela Radulescu

    Mihaela Radulescu Cast

  15. Photo of Viorel Sergovici

    Viorel Sergovici Cinematography

  16. Photo of Mihai Coporan

    Mihai Coporan Music

  17. Photo of Andreea Hillerin

    Andreea Hillerin Production Design

  18. Photo of Cristina Dobritoiu

    Cristina Dobritoiu Producer

  19. Photo of Alexandra Marinescu

    Alexandra Marinescu Producer

  20. Photo of Misu Predescu

    Misu Predescu Producer

  21. Photo of Ovidiu Vacaru

    Ovidiu Vacaru Editing

  22. Photo of Adina Bucur

    Adina Bucur Costume Design