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  1. Photo of Nick Weiss

    Nick Weiss Director

  2. Photo of Evan Wasserstrom

    Evan Wasserstrom Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gary Lundy

    Gary Lundy Cast

  4. Photo of Larry Miller

    Larry Miller Cast

  5. Photo of Tara Reid

    Tara Reid Cast

  6. Photo of Lea Thompson

    Lea Thompson Cast

  7. Photo of Norm MacDonald

    Norm MacDonald Cast

  8. Photo of Clint Howard

    Clint Howard Cast

  9. Photo of Kayla Ewell

    Kayla Ewell Cast

  10. Photo of Talan Torriero

    Talan Torriero Cast

  11. Photo of Ted Lange

    Ted Lange Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Negrin

    Michael Negrin Cinematography

  13. Photo of Joe Lemmon

    Joe Lemmon Production Design

  14. Photo of Julie Lott

    Julie Lott Producer

  15. Photo of Marlon Parry

    Marlon Parry Producer

  16. Photo of Jonathan Sachar

    Jonathan Sachar Producer

  17. Photo of Matt Treinish

    Matt Treinish Producer

  18. Photo of David Bender

    David Bender Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Freddy Braidy

    Freddy Braidy Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Nicholas Celozzi

    Nicholas Celozzi Executive Producer

  21. Photo of George Gallo

    George Gallo Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jerry Gordon

    Jerry Gordon Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Corey Large

    Corey Large Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Todd Leebow

    Todd Leebow Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Richard Salvatore

    Richard Salvatore Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Darrin Navarro

    Darrin Navarro Editing

  27. Photo of John M. Vitale

    John M. Vitale Editing