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  1. Photo of Lamberto V. Avellana

    Lamberto V. Avellana Director

  2. Photo of Ralph Modder

    Ralph Modder Screenplay

  3. Photo of P. Ramlee

    P. Ramlee Cast, Director Screenplay

  4. Photo of Saadiah

    Saadiah Cast

  5. Photo of Jins Shamsuddin

    Jins Shamsuddin Cast

  6. Photo of Salleh Kamil

    Salleh Kamil Cast

  7. Photo of John Gray

    John Gray Cast

  8. Photo of David Downe

    David Downe Cast

  9. Photo of Daeng Idris

    Daeng Idris Cast

  10. Photo of Aini Jasmin

    Aini Jasmin Cast

  11. Photo of Nyong Ismail

    Nyong Ismail Cast

  12. Photo of Leng Hussain

    Leng Hussain Cast

  13. Photo of Omar Rojik

    Omar Rojik Cast

  14. Photo of Pon

    Pon Cast

  15. Photo of S. Shamsudin

    S. Shamsudin Cast

  16. Photo of Rashid

    Rashid Cast

  17. Photo of M. Raffee

    M. Raffee Cast

  18. Photo of Adek Ja'afar

    Adek Ja'afar Cast

  19. Photo of Kemat Hassan

    Kemat Hassan Cast

  20. Photo of Habibah Harun

    Habibah Harun Cast

  21. Photo of Omar Suwita

    Omar Suwita Cast

  22. Photo of Zainol Bakar

    Zainol Bakar Cast

  23. Photo of Ali P.G.

    Ali P.G. Cast

  24. Photo of Abu Bakar Ali

    Abu Bakar Ali Cinematography

  25. Photo of Run Run Shaw

    Run Run Shaw Producer

  26. Photo of Hayat Harris

    Hayat Harris Editing

  27. Photo of H.R. Narayana

    H.R. Narayana Editing