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  1. Photo of Upi Avianto

    Upi Avianto Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ingrid Pribadi

    Ingrid Pribadi Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Madiyan Sahdianto

    Madiyan Sahdianto Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Nyomananda

    Nyomananda Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Sendi Sugiharto

    Sendi Sugiharto Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Adiyanto Sumarjono

    Adiyanto Sumarjono Producer and Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Ical Tanjung

    Ical Tanjung Cinematography

  8. Photo of Fathir Muchtar

    Fathir Muchtar Cast

  9. Photo of Vino G. Bastian

    Vino G. Bastian Cast

  10. Photo of Ali Syakieb

    Ali Syakieb Cast

  11. Photo of August Melasz

    August Melasz Cast

  12. Photo of Dallas Pratama

    Dallas Pratama Cast

  13. Photo of Dion Wiyoko

    Dion Wiyoko Cast

  14. Photo of Edo Borne Putra

    Edo Borne Putra Cast

  15. Photo of Erwin Bagindo

    Erwin Bagindo Cast

  16. Photo of Wawan I. Wibowo

    Wawan I. Wibowo Editing

  17. Photo of Dian H.P.

    Dian H.P. Music