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  1. Photo of Joel Cano

    Joel Cano Director, Cinematography, Music, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cyriac Auriol

    Cyriac Auriol Producer

  3. Photo of Michel Reilhac

    Michel Reilhac Producer

  4. Photo of Rosanna Seregni

    Rosanna Seregni Producer

  5. Photo of Adeline Yoyotte

    Adeline Yoyotte Editing

  6. Photo of Laurent Bailly

    Laurent Bailly Sound

  7. Photo of Ingrid González

    Ingrid González Cast

  8. Photo of Orisel Gaspar

    Orisel Gaspar Cast

  9. Photo of Xiomara Palacios

    Xiomara Palacios Cast

  10. Photo of Alcides Alvarez

    Alcides Alvarez Cast

  11. Photo of Eruadyé Muñiz

    Eruadyé Muñiz Cast

  12. Photo of Ludmila Alonso

    Ludmila Alonso Cast

  13. Photo of Carlos Bufa

    Carlos Bufa Cast

  14. Photo of Omar Cano

    Omar Cano Cast

  15. Photo of Ismael de la Caridad

    Ismael de la Caridad Cast

  16. Photo of Roberto Gacio

    Roberto Gacio Cast

  17. Photo of Geraidi Brito

    Geraidi Brito Cast

  18. Photo of Leonardo Cano

    Leonardo Cano Cast

  19. Photo of Julien Carballo

    Julien Carballo Cast

  20. Photo of Damarys Figueroa

    Damarys Figueroa Cast