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  1. Photo of Stephen Sheppard

    Stephen Sheppard Screenplay

  2. Photo of Klaus Maria Brandauer

    Klaus Maria Brandauer Cast and Director

  3. Photo of Rebecca Miller

    Rebecca Miller Cast

  4. Photo of Brian Dennehy

    Brian Dennehy Cast

  5. Photo of Nigel Le Vaillant

    Nigel Le Vaillant Cast

  6. Photo of Maggie O'Neill

    Maggie O'Neill Cast

  7. Photo of Roger Ashton-Griffiths

    Roger Ashton-Griffiths Cast

  8. Photo of Hans-Michael Rehberg

    Hans-Michael Rehberg Cast

  9. Photo of Dietrich Hollinderbäumer

    Dietrich Hollinderbäumer Cast

  10. Photo of Elisabeth Orth

    Elisabeth Orth Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Stetter

    Hans Stetter Cast

  12. Photo of Vadim Glowna

    Vadim Glowna Cast

  13. Photo of Péter Andorai

    Péter Andorai Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Easton

    Robert Easton Cast

  15. Photo of János Ács

    János Ács Cast

  16. Photo of Ralf Richter

    Ralf Richter Cast

  17. Photo of Werner Fritz

    Werner Fritz Cast

  18. Photo of Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Cast

  19. Photo of Péter Pusztai

    Péter Pusztai Cast

  20. Photo of Zoltán Szakál

    Zoltán Szakál Cast

  21. Photo of Tomas Kuskas

    Tomas Kuskas Cast

  22. Photo of Gyula Laczikovits

    Gyula Laczikovits Cast

  23. Photo of Tom Krinzinger

    Tom Krinzinger Cast

  24. Photo of Lajos Koltai

    Lajos Koltai Cinematography

  25. Photo of Georges Delerue

    Georges Delerue Music

  26. Photo of Wolfgang Hundhammer

    Wolfgang Hundhammer Production Design

  27. Photo of Moritz Borman

    Moritz Borman Producer

  28. Photo of Rainer Söhnlein

    Rainer Söhnlein Producer

  29. Photo of Dieter Limbek

    Dieter Limbek Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Dagmar Hirtz

    Dagmar Hirtz Editing

  31. Photo of Friedrich M. Dosch

    Friedrich M. Dosch Sound