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  1. Photo of Tsui Hark

    Tsui Hark Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cheung Chi-Sing

    Cheung Chi-Sing Screenplay

  3. Photo of Chun Tin-nam

    Chun Tin-nam Screenplay

  4. Photo of Liang Yusheng

    Liang Yusheng Screenplay

  5. Photo of Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen Cast

  6. Photo of Leon Lai

    Leon Lai Cast

  7. Photo of Charlie Yeung

    Charlie Yeung Cast

  8. Photo of Dai Liwu

    Dai Liwu Cast

  9. Photo of Liu Chia-Liang

    Liu Chia-Liang Cast

  10. Photo of Duncan Lai

    Duncan Lai Cast

  11. Photo of Lu Yi

    Lu Yi Cast

  12. Photo of Ma Jingwu

    Ma Jingwu Cast

  13. Photo of Jason Pai Piao

    Jason Pai Piao Cast

  14. Photo of Sun Honglei

    Sun Honglei Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Wong

    Michael Wong Cast

  16. Photo of Zhang Jingchu

    Zhang Jingchu Cast

  17. Photo of Kim So-yeon

    Kim So-yeon Cast

  18. Photo of Keung Kwok-Man

    Keung Kwok-Man Cinematography

  19. Photo of Kenji Kawai

    Kenji Kawai Music

  20. Photo of Eddie Wong

    Eddie Wong Production Design

  21. Photo of Lee Joo-Ick

    Lee Joo-Ick Producer

  22. Photo of Ma Zhong-Jun

    Ma Zhong-Jun Producer

  23. Photo of Nansun Shi

    Nansun Shi Producer

  24. Photo of Yun Cheng

    Yun Cheng Producer

  25. Photo of Hong Bong-Chui

    Hong Bong-Chui Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Wong Bak-Ming

    Wong Bak-Ming Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Pan Zhizhong

    Pan Zhizhong Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Angie Lam

    Angie Lam Editing