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  1. Photo of Denis Héroux

    Denis Héroux Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcel Lefebvre

    Marcel Lefebvre Screenplay and Story

  3. Photo of Gilles Blie

    Gilles Blie Screenplay

  4. Photo of Justine Bouchard

    Justine Bouchard Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ted Allan

    Ted Allan Story

  6. Photo of Rosanna Schiaffino

    Rosanna Schiaffino Cast

  7. Photo of Jean Coutu

    Jean Coutu Cast

  8. Photo of Dalia Friedland

    Dalia Friedland Cast

  9. Photo of Avner Hizkiyahu

    Avner Hizkiyahu Cast

  10. Photo of Ya'ackov Ben-Sira

    Ya'ackov Ben-Sira Cast

  11. Photo of Ebba Kaiser

    Ebba Kaiser Cast

  12. Photo of Suzanne Valéry

    Suzanne Valéry Cast

  13. Photo of Mosko Alkalai

    Mosko Alkalai Cast

  14. Photo of Yael Aviv

    Yael Aviv Cast

  15. Photo of Niko Nitai

    Niko Nitai Cast

  16. Photo of René Verzier

    René Verzier Cinematography

  17. Photo of François Cousineau

    François Cousineau Music

  18. Photo of Zvi Geyra

    Zvi Geyra Production Design

  19. Photo of Claude Héroux

    Claude Héroux Producer

  20. Photo of Roni Jacov

    Roni Jacov Producer

  21. Photo of John Kemeny

    John Kemeny Producer

  22. Photo of Yves Langlois

    Yves Langlois Editing