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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Seven

    Revolutionary (at the time) in it's use of cinematography with it's great gritty atmosphere as depression and sadness shines through the movie. A great team pairing of Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, but sadly I felt that the ending was obvious when I saw it - maybe I'm too sick and gruesome in my mind since I can predict such an ending? Am I really a serial killer in the making?

  2. Kenzozo's rating of the film Seven

  3. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Seven

    If taken as a conventional thriller, then the film might appear adolescent, if not slightly kitsch; its gimmick, combined with Fincher's brand of 'Ikea nihilism', threatening empty sensationalism. However, approaching the story more as an allegory, in which the setting is a kind of purgatory, & where characters become arbiters of moral conviction, it succeeds in an exploration of some interesting & unsettling themes.

  4. Adam GR's rating of the film Seven

    This took me years to appreciate. I was a twisted kid, but this was too dark for me. Like the ending

  5. F/K's rating of the film Seven

    Gritty, slick, tight and focused. Still packs a punch after all these years and the words of John Doe are still something to think about with this disease we are all plagued with called "The Human Condition"

  6. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Seven

    Se7en is a chilling serial murder mystery which is accompanied by a stunning cinematography. Somehow it feels to me as a melancholic meditation about what film noir could have been.

  7. Arijan's rating of the film Seven

    I could talk about this muvie for a days and again I would leave out something, unbelievable. 4+

  8. blkrchs's rating of the film Seven

  9. *~*~*'s rating of the film Seven

  10. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Seven

    Thinking about incredible role of Spacey as a punisher of everything that is evil and wrong in world we live in made me to decide to give a big oportunity to this film who authenticates director's earlier talent for film and gloryfing acting of all of three characters.

  11. Richard Tines's rating of the film Seven

    Although well-acted and well-directed, this is the ultimate downer of a Hollywood movie.... The knife sheath dildo still haunts me to this day... The best part of the film is the Brakhage like opening credits sequence

  12. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Seven

    Vulgar, cynical... One for us self-loathing voyeur types.

  13. Ryan O'Connor's rating of the film Seven

    Seven uses dark cinematography, evoking noir classics and a dark atmosphere, and old-fashioned sets and costumes to suggest the agelessness of its story. The lighting and color palette complement the darkness of the story and seriousness of the tone while suggesting at the horrors that await the protagonists. The music also is a throwback to classic film noir, which saw detectives looking at a legion of evidence.

  14. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Seven

  15. FISCHER's rating of the film Seven

    Thriller souvent maniéré, globalement efficace, même si dans le genre on a vu et charcuté bien mieux.

  16. Criteriamor's rating of the film Seven

    If you want to see what comes after The Silence of the Lambs but before the Saw series, watch this. And David Fincher's cinematography is snappy and refined as always. The dialogue unfortunately...

  17. Shawnmubi's rating of the film Seven

    William Somerset: [discovering what's inside the package] "................John Doe has the upper hand!" Yep one step behind the entire time.

  18. Keith Deeds's rating of the film Seven

  19. Bob's rating of the film Seven

    It flows smoothly, soaked with darkly beautiful interiors. Whether it's posh library or ruined building, it feels as if elegance of film noir has continued to live in the middle of the grunge eruption. Similarly, engaging story is sophisticated as classics of world literature, and controversial as a splatter film, while the characters write themselves in what is probably the greatest modern serial killer thriller.

  20. Freakyfilm's rating of the film Seven

  21. MPerissol's rating of the film Seven

  22. MistaRichard's rating of the film Seven

    «WHAT'S IN THE BAWWWWX?» might be my favourite movie quote of all time and also am I retarded or something

  23. Onbestendig's rating of the film Seven

  24. João Goulão's rating of the film Seven

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