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  1. Photo of Luiz Rosemberg Filho

    Luiz Rosemberg Filho Director

  2. Photo of Leon Hirszman

    Leon Hirszman Director

  3. Photo of Flávio Moreira da Costa

    Flávio Moreira da Costa Director

  4. Photo of Rubens Maia

    Rubens Maia Director

  5. Photo of José Celso Martinez Corrêa

    José Celso Martinez Corrêa Cast

  6. Photo of Renato Borghi

    Renato Borghi Cast

  7. Photo of Samuel Costa

    Samuel Costa Cast

  8. Photo of André Faria

    André Faria Cast

  9. Photo of Gilberto Faria

    Gilberto Faria Cast

  10. Photo of Vera Ibrahim

    Vera Ibrahim Cast

  11. Photo of Ítala Nandi

    Ítala Nandi Cast

  12. Photo of Nildo Parente

    Nildo Parente Cast

  13. Photo of Echio Reis

    Echio Reis Cast

  14. Photo of Luiz Carlos Saldanha

    Luiz Carlos Saldanha Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Pompeu

    Maria Pompeu Cast