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  1. Photo of Michael Patrick King

    Michael Patrick King Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Allen Coulter

    Allen Coulter Director

  3. Photo of Michael Engler

    Michael Engler Director

  4. Photo of Michael Spiller

    Michael Spiller Director

  5. Photo of Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor Director

  6. Photo of John David Coles

    John David Coles Director

  7. Photo of Candace Bushnell

    Candace Bushnell Screenplay

  8. Photo of Darren Star

    Darren Star Screenplay

  9. Photo of Julie Rottenberg

    Julie Rottenberg Screenplay

  10. Photo of Elisa Zuritsky

    Elisa Zuritsky Screenplay

  11. Photo of Sarah Jessica Parker

    Sarah Jessica Parker Cast

  12. Photo of Kim Cattrall

    Kim Cattrall Cast

  13. Photo of Kristin Davis

    Kristin Davis Cast

  14. Photo of Cynthia Nixon

    Cynthia Nixon Cast

  15. Photo of David Eigenberg

    David Eigenberg Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Noth

    Chris Noth Cast

  17. Photo of Willie Garson

    Willie Garson Cast

  18. Photo of Kyle MacLachlan

    Kyle MacLachlan Cast

  19. Photo of John Corbett

    John Corbett Cast

  20. Photo of Evan Handler

    Evan Handler Cast