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  1. Photo of Gabriel Axel

    Gabriel Axel Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rolf Rønne

    Rolf Rønne Cinematography

  3. Photo of Birgit Brüel

    Birgit Brüel Cast

  4. Photo of Aage Fønss

    Aage Fønss Cast

  5. Photo of Poul Glargaad

    Poul Glargaad Cast

  6. Photo of Arne Hansen

    Arne Hansen Cast

  7. Photo of Holer Juul Hansen

    Holer Juul Hansen Cast

  8. Photo of Susanne Jagd

    Susanne Jagd Cast

  9. Photo of Ejnar Hans Jensen

    Ejnar Hans Jensen Cast

  10. Photo of Eddie karnil

    Eddie karnil Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Kelvin

    Paul Kelvin Cast

  12. Photo of Jesper Klein

    Jesper Klein Cast

  13. Photo of Edith Nisted Nielsen

    Edith Nisted Nielsen Editing

  14. Photo of Peter Høimark

    Peter Høimark Production Design

  15. Photo of Bertrand Bech

    Bertrand Bech Music

  16. Photo of Lone Ernst

    Lone Ernst Costume Design