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  1. Photo of Alberto Bonucci

    Alberto Bonucci Director

  2. Photo of Luciano Lucignani

    Luciano Lucignani Director

  3. Photo of Nino Manfredi

    Nino Manfredi Director, Screenplay Cast

  4. Photo of Sergio Sollima

    Sergio Sollima Director

  5. Photo of Italo Calvino

    Italo Calvino Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fabio Carpi

    Fabio Carpi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Sandro Continenza

    Sandro Continenza Screenplay

  8. Photo of Renato Mainardi

    Renato Mainardi Screenplay

  9. Photo of Alberto Moravia

    Alberto Moravia Screenplay

  10. Photo of Giuseppe Orlandini

    Giuseppe Orlandini Screenplay

  11. Photo of Ercole Patti

    Ercole Patti Screenplay

  12. Photo of Guglielmo Santangelo

    Guglielmo Santangelo Screenplay

  13. Photo of Ettore Scola

    Ettore Scola Screenplay

  14. Photo of Mario Soldati

    Mario Soldati Screenplay

  15. Photo of Enrico Maria Salerno

    Enrico Maria Salerno Cast

  16. Photo of Claudia Mori

    Claudia Mori Cast

  17. Photo of Catherine Spaak

    Catherine Spaak Cast

  18. Photo of Vittorio Gassman

    Vittorio Gassman Cast

  19. Photo of Nadja Tiller

    Nadja Tiller Cast

  20. Photo of Lilla Brignone

    Lilla Brignone Cast

  21. Photo of Adriano Rimoldi

    Adriano Rimoldi Cast

  22. Photo of Fulvia Franco

    Fulvia Franco Cast

  23. Photo of Bernhard Wicki

    Bernhard Wicki Cast

  24. Photo of Lilli Palmer

    Lilli Palmer Cast

  25. Photo of Gastone Moschin

    Gastone Moschin Cast

  26. Photo of Luigi Borghese

    Luigi Borghese Cast

  27. Photo of Sandro Dori

    Sandro Dori Cast

  28. Photo of Giuseppe Grasso

    Giuseppe Grasso Cast

  29. Photo of Annamaria Mustari

    Annamaria Mustari Cast

  30. Photo of Corrado Olmi

    Corrado Olmi Cast

  31. Photo of Rosita Pisano

    Rosita Pisano Cast

  32. Photo of Marcella Punturi

    Marcella Punturi Cast

  33. Photo of Carolina Sdruscia

    Carolina Sdruscia Cast

  34. Photo of Luciano Zuccariello

    Luciano Zuccariello Cast

  35. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  36. Photo of Erico Menczer

    Erico Menczer Cinematography

  37. Photo of Piero Umiliani

    Piero Umiliani Music

  38. Photo of Nedo Azzini

    Nedo Azzini Production Design

  39. Photo of Achille Piazzi

    Achille Piazzi Producer

  40. Photo of Eraldo Da Roma

    Eraldo Da Roma Editing