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  1. Photo of Ana Maria Comanescu

    Ana Maria Comanescu Director

  2. Photo of Tudor Platon

    Tudor Platon Cinematography

  3. Photo of Patricia Chelaru

    Patricia Chelaru Editing

  4. Photo of Adeline Andreea Badescu

    Adeline Andreea Badescu Production Design

  5. Photo of Iulian Cristian Nunu

    Iulian Cristian Nunu Sound

  6. Photo of Carla Fotea

    Carla Fotea Producer

  7. Photo of Ioan Coman

    Ioan Coman Cast

  8. Photo of Lucian Ifrim

    Lucian Ifrim Cast

  9. Photo of Daniela Nane

    Daniela Nane Cast

  10. Photo of Mihaela Sirbu

    Mihaela Sirbu Cast